What's in a name?

Early in August 1996, when I was becoming more active in the Internet, I decided to change my email provider. Up until then I'd been using CompuServe (remember them?), but I wasn't happy with the user interface and connection. I knew a few people who were using AOL, and so I decided to sign up. Of course I wanted an appropriate email address, and checked to see if my name was available. It wasn't, as was the case with any variant of my name I might consider using (i.e. not something like ""). So I had to choose a name that would be memorable, and at the same time say something about me. Being a single malt whisky drinker, I decided to use the name of my favourite brand. However, I erroneously typed two 'n's instead of one, and thus my email address was born!

Fast-forward to today, and in spite of receiving a mailbox full of junk/SPAM mail every day offering cheap prescription medicine, enlargements to certain parts of my anatomy, and millions of dollars from very generous benefactors in Nigeria, I still use the same email address. I have other email addresses, in large part to the fact that I have a number of websites showcasing my various interests and creative/artistic outlets - all with accompanying email addresses - but I generally choose to stick with only having to check one mailbox every day. Neverthelesss, I decided that I should probably have my own personal website, with links to these websites of mine. Thus was born.

So, if for any reason you feel the need to send me email, my address is Please be aware that I do not appreciate SPAM or unsolicited email, which either goes un-read and deleted or reported to the appropriate authority. Hence, absolutely NO SPAM email! Thank you.

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