AdrianEver since I was a small child I've enjoyed drawing and painting, and I've always tried to achieve a highly realistic finish. This didn't go down too well in art college, as they tried to get me to experiment in abstract and impressionist styles! However, I like realism, and hopefully my results speak for themselves, especially in my animal and human portraiture.

Art isn't just a hobby to me. I spent the first 12 years of my working life in advertising agencies, including Young & Rubicam (London), working my way up to the position of Creative Director. After this I started my own website design agency, winning such noteable clients as BT (British Telecommunications plc), and it's still going strong! I've also more recently moved into repainting shop mannequins - a similar concept to the fashion dolls, but a completely different technique (and market). On a slightly different artistic level I also enjoy property renovation and interior design. Not long ago I converted an old Anglican church into a residential home almost completely single-handedly!

My discovery of fashion doll repaints (and indeed fashion dolls in general) was purely by chance, but as soon as I saw them I knew I had to try it for myself. My first repaint (done in November 2001) sold for $200 on eBay. My prices may have gone up since then, but I still enjoy doing it.

I always use professional-quality acrylic paints (Liquitex and Golden), and very fine brushes. I sometimes apply eyelashes, and even nail polish. To create an even more unique look, I sometimes remove the factory hair, and root in completely new hair (known as a reroot). It takes a lot of time and patience, but the result is an even more unique one-of-a-kind!