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I don't remember which came first - my love of animals or my passion for drawing and painting, but ever since I was a small child I've been crazy about both. Over the years I've kept many different kinds of animals (as pets and as a hobby), from the usual dogs, rabbits and gerbils to the unusual and downright bizarre, such as tarantulas, dwarf caiman (a small species of crocodile) and even a coatimundi (it's like a cross between a raccoon and a fox). Having such animals very close to me, I was able to study them in detail, and consequently I developed a highly realistic drawing style. When I was younger I preferred colour pencils (and colour chalk pencils), because they were easier and quicker to clean up afterwards than paints, but over the years I've honed my skills, and now I achieve great levels of detail and depths of colour - sometimes you have to look very close to see they are drawings and not photographs!

However, art isn't just a hobby to me. I spent the first 12 years of my working life in advertising agencies, starting as a studio junior and working my way up to the position of Creative Director. I subsequently started my own graphic design agency, specialising in website design and multimedia software authoring.

Beyond the business side, my creativity and artistry has led me into the world of fashion doll repainting, shop mannequin customising, and even interior design and property refurbishment (I recently converted an old English church into a fabulous luxury home!). I think it's fair to say that I am by nature an artistic and creative person, with a love of animals of all shapes and sizes.